Cleanband is an Internet filtering system that provides the maximum control to clients irrespective of technical ability. We provide a transparent network filter for Internet Service Providers to serve the home and SME markets.

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Cleanband immediately adds value to your offering and is fully scalable. See how we can help you enhance your customer offering and aid with Active Choice.

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See how we helped leading MSP Claranet in the UK develop their family security product Childsafe.

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What is Cleanband?

We have created our own technology platform to give families a better, safer, Internet experience, something that is core to us as a business.

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"Our family was in need of a security solution as we found it was far too easy for our kids to come across unsuitable content. We aren't very technically minded and have tried using software before but found it tricky to use and to keep updated. Childsafe was the perfect solution. We can choose what content we want allowed through our connection and change it easily at any time. And the best part is that my laptop, PC and iPad even when wirelessly online are all protected." - J Watkins, London