Added Value

In an increasingly competitive market, Cleanband can give your business the competitive edge by offering many powerful enhancements to existing market offerings. Including:

  • Every device connected to a residential broadband line is protected
  • Low latency, high throughput filtering
  • Group and Individual policy support
  • Activity and threat reporting
  • Patent-pending technology that is not available through any other service

Active Choice

In October 2011, some of the UK's largest Service Providers backed a Code of Practice intended to give parents greater control over their Internet service. This would give parents the options of making an "Active Choice" over content that would accessible via the Internet in their homes.

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said: "I am pleased to see industry is taking action to help parents protect their children online. The new code of conduct is a real, practical step to ensure households make a choice about parental controls when opening a new Internet account."

This system, although not compulsory, has gathered momentum since then. With more and more incidents of children encountering inappropriate material online and these hitting the headlines, there is much value in Service Providers helping parents to protect their children in a flexible and appropriate manner.

Parents Back In Control

We live in a time where children are now often more technically skilled than their parents. This means that while parents can protect their children in the real world, they are unable to do so online.

Cleanband has a simple, intuitive user interface that is fully skinable and accessible via API by Service Providers. Subscribers can easily protect their home by choosing one of the pre-built channels of content that have been created by well-known experts. This means that parents can now get guidance from someone they trust through a single non-technical decision.

Those who wish to can create their own channel of content by selecting from individual categories and websites. These cover over six billion web pages in over one hundred and fifty languages.

24/7 Always On

Cleanband is a Service Provider-side security solution and as such is active seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. It cannot be by passed by disabling software on a customer's machine and there is no drain on resources or updates to manage.

We believe that Cleanband gives Service Providers the best network security solution currently available to offer their customers.